Replay, coming to a MLB ballpark near you…

Yes, it finally s happening. MLB is coming in to the 21st century, and will make use of the technology that exists to get the calls right, which is ultimately what everyone wants, right?…

 I will say this up front. I am a proponent for replay. I believe that if the tools are there, and that these tools will make the game better, then go forward with it. The idea is for umpires to make the correct calls. They don’t want to be responsible for the outcome of the game. These things should be decided on the field between the two teams, and replay will assist them in doing exactly that. The NFL has replay. The NHL has replay on goal decisions. The NBA uses it to determine whether a player has made a two or three point shot. It is coming to EPL, for those that care about English Premier League soccer. Guess what? It didn’t destroy the game! It functions as it as it is intended to, by helping to ensure that the right calls are made on the field!

 But let’s look at another aspect. The way that MLB wants to implement replay is in many ways similar to the system that the NFL currently uses. Managers will be allowed three challenges per game, one thru the first six innings, and two more after that. I am not in favor of this system. If you want to allow three challenges per game, then so be it, but I would rather that there were no limits on the use of challenges at all.. The proposed system could potentially change the way that a manager manages the game, and I truly do not think that this is the intent. MLB wants to get the calls right. Changing how a game is managed should not be collateral damage.

 There are those who would argue against the use of replay. We have all heard the ‘Judgement is part of the game’, ‘Human error is part of the game’, ‘replay will damage the purity and integrity of the game’, ‘Baseball games are long enough as it is! Replay will only add to the length of the game‘,’ Replay will cause the ozone layer to be completely destroyed’, blah, blah, blah, arguments. I say that yes, replay might add to the overall length of the game. But what if the umpires were using replay to decide the outcome of the World Series? Hmmmm… that kinda changes things, doesn’t it. If it was your team that was hanging by a thread between winning and losing, you would not mind if it took a minute or two longer to get the call right.  I wonder if Andres Galaraga would have been too upset by any delay in Jim Joyce making the right call? Or Red Sox fans in Game 3 of the 1975 World Series? Or countless more examples where replay, while perhaps adding a few minutes to the overall length of the game, would have made sure that the right call was made. That is ultimately what everyone wants, right?…


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