The 2013 MLB Trade Deadline.

The trade deadline….

So the non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone. Were there surprises? Was there intrigue? Was the action fast and furious right up to the last tantalizing moment? Meh. And I repeat…Meh.

There were a few ‘big’ moves, and I speak of course of the 7-team deal between the Red Sox, Tigers, and the White Sox. The Red Sox got what they needed in a front line starter in Jake Peavy, and a so-so reliever in Brayan Villarreal, for Jose Iglesias and some prospects, albeit good prospects. At first blush, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this deal, but after the initial knee-jerk ‘no!’, I realized that while Iglesias has a vacuum cleaner glove, and this season has shown an improved plate presence, overall he has not proven that he has a major league bat. The sample size is kind of small, but the evidence is leading to a conclusion that while Iglesias started off Tabasco sauce hot, he has cooled off significantly as pitchers are figuring him out. Also, the Sox have a very serviceable Steven Drew, along with Brock Holt and Will Middlebrooks. And in the wings is the ‘untouchable’ Xander Bogaerts. In the end, Iglesias was expendable.  In acquiring Iglesias, the Tigers got insurance against the pending suspension of Jhonny Peralta. The White Sox got more tools to build for the future, and many more chances to hear Hawk Harrrelson say ‘dadgum it!’ Sorry, Hawk, but as far as Peavy goes?….’He gone!’….

Brian ‘The Beard’ Wilson signs with the Dodgers…Basically a no-risk move for the Dodgers. I hope Wilson makes it back.

Ian Kennedy to the Padres? Meh.

Bud Norris from the Astros to the Orioles. Norris is a fairly decent pitcher. Houston is an awful ballclub. The Orioles are still in it, and pitching is always at a premium. The Orioles had prospects to give, and Houston can only build for the future. Good move for everyone.

Jesse Crain to the Rays. OK, he has a shoulder issue, but before that, he was a top flight reliever this year. In the AL East, he could be a difference maker.

The Chicago Cubs basically waving the white flag was kind of a no-brainer. Matt Garza to the Rangers is a great move for Texas, and Alfonso Soriano to the Yankees is, well, Soriano to the Yankees. The Cubs were also supposedly trying to move Jeff Samardzija at the deadline, and had inquiries about Dioner Navarro from the Cardinals to spell an injured Yadier Molina, but nothing came of it…

The Atlanta Braves landing Scott Downs for basically a cup of coffee is a good move for them.

I find myself wishing that the Mariners would have made a move or two. Mike Morse, Raul Ibanez, and Kendrys Morales are all in walk years. I hate to see them leave the Pacific Northwest and the Mariners not get anything in return for them….

Is Michael Young NOT moving on from Philadelphia as big of a deal as the moves that were made? Chase Utley staying put? I just can’t figure out what goes on in Reuben Amaro Jr.’s head. I figured that Cliff Lee wasn’t going anywhere, and from what I understand, Amaro had simply priced his movable pieces out of the market. So the Phillies will continue to get older and not get any better.

The Royals Got Justin Maxwell. Hunter Pence is staying in San Francisco. New York pizza is better than Chicago deep-dish.

At some point, I am sure that a few hundred well-placed words regarding Biogenesis, A-Roid, and the cast of characters involved will happen. As for now, we wait..

And as a footnote, just because the non-waiver deadline has come and gone, doesn’t mean that the dealing is done. Remember last season that the big trade between the Red Sox and the Dodgers didn’t happen until August 25th, 2012.

Perhaps there will be more stuff to come. Stay tuned. Football is right around the corner!


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