Left or right, it’s just stupid…


 Yes, I said it. The operative word here is ‘stupid’. I am amazed by the mind-numbingly stupid things that are going on around us. I am flabbergasted at the stupidity that is being spawned by the stupidity that is going on around us. Is it stupid to feel this way? I am stupefied…

 Let’s start with this. By now, and unless you have been living under a rock for a very long time, you know who Bob Costas is. He is a very good sportscaster, and I generally enjoy his work. He is both knowledgeable and entertaining. But over the last few years, he has felt the need to use the timeslot at halftime of NBC’s ‘Football Night in America’ to get on his personal soapbox, and voice his views on various events of the day. WARNING…I truly believe that EVERYONE is entitled to his or her own opinions. I may not agree with your position and views, but I will defend with my life your right to express those opinions. However, Mr. Costas is using his broadcast to preach his positions to a semi-captive audience that probably doesn’t give a flying monkey about his opinions. Mr. Costas, whose halftime essays on end-zone celebrations in 2011 and gun control in 2012 became hot-button topics, decided that the 2013 version of his force-fed-to-the football watching public-opinion, would concern itself on the name of the pro football team that plays in our Nations’ capitol. He has jumped on the PC- Gone-Amok bandwagon by declaring that the Redskins’ name can justifiably be seen as offensive, and gives several examples of teams in college and pro sports that have changed with the times, as it were. Please understand that although I do not agree with Mr. Costas’ opinion here, nor his opinion on gun control, my issue is not with his opinion. My issue is the forum that he chose to express his opinions. He went on a national broadcast in front of millions of people and spouted his personal opinion. Yeah, it could be brought back to the world of football, which is what his broadcast job was, so from that perspective, it makes sense. But whether or not it is his job to broadcast the events of a football game, his personal opinions on the issues should be exactly that, personal opinions. Here is something else that irks me about the opinions of Mr. Costas. He has been a sportscaster for many years. In those many years, the Washington Redskins have always been the Washington Redskins. Why is it only a problem now? Why not last season? Oh, that’s right. The hot-button issue last year was gun control. So he used his time on the Football Night in America broadcast, and spewed his anti-gun opinions, and when the backlash was overwhelmingly against him and his opinion, he expeditiously did a NFL free-safety-like backpedal to ‘explain what he meant…’ Yeah, right… Hey Bob, you do a great job on both football and baseball broadcasts. Please stick to the facts and the play-by play that you do so well, and leave your personal opinions in the parking lot.

 Now, where was I going with this ‘left or right’ thing? Here it is. It is no longer about the loony left or the radical right anymore. It is about our elected officials, supposedly grown men and women, just pointing fingers at one another and yelling the familiar, ‘He started it! NO! He started it! Maaaa! He’s breathing on me! Oh yeah?!? Well, you are a doody-head! Oh Yeah?!? Well, YOU are a doody-head with cooties!!!!….’ The government ‘shutdown’ is now going into week #3. In three days, the U.S. will no longer have the money in its ‘accounts’ to cover the massive debt that has been racked up. So what are we doing about it? We are pointing fingers! We are not holding any meaningful discussions! Politicians are using this as an opportunity to paint themselves as the ‘angel child’, while accusing the politicians on the other side of the aisle of being ‘devil children’. And the biggest bully on the block isn’t speaking to anyone. He is just going to put on his best frownie face, and take his ball and go home. As I mentioned in my title….STUPID! Every one of them will put on his/her best sad face and declare that the other side isn’t playing nice and making fair proposals, while at the same time saying ‘the American People deserve better…’ YOU ARE GODDAMNED RIGHT WE DESERVE BETTER!!! This Congress and this President are a fiasco, and every member of the taxpaying and voting United States citizenry should be ready to march, and physically, if need be, throw every single one of these air-wasting, lying, borderline criminal politicians out on their asses!! How dare they close down open-air monuments to our veterans! I was thrilled to seal of those WWII vets go through the barricades at the war memorial in D.C.! Dr. Martin Luther King was correct in what he said about civil disobedience. The government cannot possibly throw every single United States citizen in jail, right? Does anybody here remember anything about the Revolutionary War? Taxation Without Representation? A determined people overthrowing a tyrannical despot? Think about it for a minute, and honestly ask yourself if this is how our government is supposed to function. Is this what you voted for? It is said that the most dangerous person to any government is the person who can think things through for themselves. What kind of person are you? Do you have a mind of your own? Can you view the facts as they are without passion or prejudice? Or are you another one of the already-too-many sheep who will believe anything that your government wants to feed to you. Only you can decide. Left or right, it’s just stupid…Oh, and for the record let it be known that I did not pick on a particular party, be they Democrat or Republican. As far as I am concerned, they all suck, they are all equally culpable, and they all need to be voted out in the next election cycle. Every…single…one…of…them.

 On to other topics. Last night, the Boston Red Sox pulled off what can only be called ‘miraculous!” As a Red Sox fan, I am embarrassed to say that when the Detroit Tigers went up 5-0 in the 6th inning, I turned to my lovely wife (who was patiently putting up with me watching the game…), and glumly proclaimed that this game was most likely over. There was no way that Boston was going to overcome a 5-run deficit, and that she could change the channel, which she did, and we settled in to watch some reruns of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Well, if I really wanted some Big Bang Theory, I should never have changed the TV channel, because in the bottom of the 8th inning, David Ortiz did what David Ortiz does…He hit a Grand Slam to tie the game up! Who would have thought that was going to happen? In Game 1, the Sox managed only ONE hit! In Game 2, it wasn’t going any better, but it was Big Papi to the rescue!! Then, in the bottom of the 9th, in a moment every kid who has ever dreamed of playing major league baseball dreams of, Jarrod Saltalamacchia singled home Johnny Gomes, and the Red Sox completed the comeback and won 6-5! I will never-ever turn off a Red Sox playoff game again! I ask the spirit of Johnny Pesky and Ted Williams for forgiveness….

 Lastly and most importantly is this. 13 years ago today, a beautiful and amazing lady took leave of her senses and agreed to become my wife. She has saved me from everything that I was, and allowed me to become what I am. She has never asked for anything, except for me to love her and support her. That has never been a problem. She is an amazing mother, a fabulous and sometimes crazy wife, my lover and my best friend. Judy O’Keefe Lager, I love you more than I can express through mere words, or any poetry I could write, or any song I could sing, and that is for always…Happy Anniversary.


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