Oops, with a capital ‘OOPS’…

I just made a colossal error. It was huge… Amazingly stupid…The Godzilla of Goof-ups. This is a word of warning to everybody else out there who creates anything in Microsoft Word. Before you try to post your literary creation to your blog…SAVE IT FIRST!!! I had just completed the latest installment of this blog, and as I was in the process of moving it over to be published, I somehow managed to delete all 2600+ words. It was the longest article I had ever written, and it was chock full of….insight into recent events. I had some frank observations, interesting quotes, important and relevant statistical data, some Reductio Ad Absurdum, and maybe even a glimmer of hope. However, because of my stupendous stupidity, we will now have none of it. I don’t even think that I can recreate my subject matter. I mean, I know what I was writing about, and I can perhaps get back to some of it, but maybe it was Gods’ way of saying that I ought not post what I was writing about. Okay, fair enough. I will now write about other things. Hopefully they will be as interesting and thought-provoking as the stuff that took the big dirt nap. And just maybe, if I am lucky, I can remember some of what I was writing about before this little oops of mine…
The Stanley Cup finals are set. It will feature the New York Rangers versus the Los Angeles Kings. The last time that there was a Los Angeles versus New York match-up for a major sports championship was back in 1981, when the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the New York Yankees in the World Series 4 games to 2. What does this match-up from 33 years ago in a completely different sport have to do with the Stanley Cup? Nothing. Not a damn thing. It is just some useless filler that some color analyst or announcer will bring up at some point during the series. It is supposed to be interesting. Okay, if you say so. Most of the guys playing in the 2014 Stanley Cup finals weren’t even born yet in 1981, but don’t let that fact get in the way of some useless information which I refer to as ‘fluff’. Anyway, about the Stanley Cup finals… The New York Rangers are my hockey team. I make no excuses for it, and I do not run from it. They are one of only two teams in all of sports that I can say without any reservation that I truly care about, that I truly LOVE. The other is the Boston Red Sox. When the Rangers last lifted Lord Stanley’s Cup at Madison Square Garden in 1994, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing and who I was doing it with. I remember being on my knees on my living room floor, my long since ex-wife screaming from the excitement and my two cats hiding under the couch. There was 1.6 seconds left to play in Game 7. The Rangers were leading 3-2, and there was one last face-off to the right of Ranger goalie Mike Richter. The Vancouver Canucks had the dangerous Pavel Bure taking the face-off against Craig McTavish. Bure had been a major thorn in the Rangers side for the entire series and he was an excellent face-off man. It made sense that he would take the draw. The puck was dropped. McTavish won the draw, and then the most amazing words that I had ever heard (up to that point in my life…) were excitedly screamed by Rangers play-by-play announcer Sam Rosen, ‘The waiting is over! The New York Rangers are the Stanley Cup champions! And this one will last a lifetime! No more curses! This is unbelievable!” The Rangers had not won the Stanley Cup since 1940, and this finally ended 54 years of frustration and disappointment. I remember speaking to my late father on June 15th, 1994, the day after the Cup was won. We jokingly (for the most part) said to each other that we were ‘halfway to being able to die in peace. Now the Red Sox have to win a World Series!’ For the next few days, everybody was a Ranger fan. There was an excitement, a pop and electricity just about everywhere you went. My mail person that delivered the mail to where I worked at the time had her face painted red, white and blue, and she had New York Ranger ribbons in her hair. No matter where you turned, it was all Rangers, all the time, and it was great! I will never forget it. Almost everybody that I knew called in sick to work so that they could be a part of the victory parade down New York City’s ‘Canyon of Heroes’. It took 10 years for me to experience that kind of euphoria again when in 2004, the Boston Red Sox erased 86-years of futility and won the World Series, and yes, thank God, my dad did live to see it…


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