MLB…A Miami Fish Story.

Giancarlo Stanton signed with the Miami Marlins for a record contract for 13 years / $325M. That’s $25M per year. The way that the deal is structured is that he will get $107M for the first six years, which still works out to a nifty $17.8M/yr, and then an opt-out. He is the crown jewel in the Miami roster, but there is more…much more. The Marlins bolstered their pitching staff when they signed Mat Latos as a free agent from Cincinnati. They already have Jose Fernandez who, once he returns from Tommy John surgery, will be another solid starter. The Marlins then added starting pitcher Dan Haren. This all goes along with the other starters in Jared Cosart and Henderson Alvarez. So Miami will have Latos, Haren, Fernandez, Cosart, and Alvarez. To say that this is a very different Marlins starting rotation from the one that took the field in Spring Training 2014 would be an understatement.
What about the additions on the non-pitching side? How about Dee Gordon? Look at new third baseman Martin Prado. Isn’t that Ichiro Suzuki? Add in the power-hitting Michael Morse, and you have something brewing in Miami this year. The Marlins also have OF Christian Yelich on the roster. Say what you will about Jeff Loria, but he has spent the money in the off-season to put a competitive product on the field.
Can the Marlins contend in the National League East? The early season favorites are obviously the Washington Nationals, and it looks like they will be hard to beat. But how much further are the Nationals ahead of the Marlins? I submit that it is not as much as many people think. The Nationals will win 95 games. At least I think that they will, or pretty darn near it. Are the Marlins capable of winning 95 games with their current roster? I am not so sure of that, but I do believe that the Marlins will win 89 to 93 games, and they will be in the hunt for a Wild Card in the National League.


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