MLB…What’s in a Name?

I wanted to do write something that I thought would be a nice, easy read for the weekend of Super Bowl Weekend, 2015. I was trying to come up with a fun topic, and I did have several options. There was ‘Famous and Unusual Ballpark Eats’, and then there was ‘Baseball Players Who Went On To Become Famous for Something Else’. As I was getting desperate, I came up with ‘Baseballisms: What Does THAT Mean?’. While I may tackle these and other off-beat baseball topics at some future date, I needed something that I could write quickly, and that would not be too taxing on you or I on a lazy Saturday morning.
So….I came up with ‘Unusual Names…Boston Red Sox Edition’. I thought that this might be a light enough read, and be fun to research at the same time. The only way for me to do this and have it not make my eyes fall out of my head was to look at the All-Time Boston Red Sox Roster and go by uniform numbers first and then add in the years that the player played. BIG HONKIN’ HUGE DISCLAIMER: I am in no way making fun of anybody! These are just some unusual names that are not the average Tom, Dick, or Harry. I apologize if anybody gets offended, as it is not my intention. Okay? And so, without further ado…the names.
We will start off with a player who played in the early 1930’s by the name of Rabbit Warstler. In 1933, Rabbit was a teammate of Smead Jolley. In 1935, wearing number 5 for Boston was Moose Solters. In 1939, we had Boze Berger on the roster. Here is an interesting note about Boze Berger. After he was done wearing the number 6, it was inherited by Skeeter Newsome, who then gave it up to our beloved Johnny Pesky. In 1932, another of Rabbit Warstler’s teammates was named Urbane Pickering. By the way, does anybody remember Spike Owen? Well, Urbane and Spike shared the #7, along with Heinie Manush, who played in 1936. From 1947-1950, we had Birdie Tebbetts, who would eventually see his #8 be worn by the great Carl Yastrzemski. In 1931, the #10 had an interesting owner by the name of Muddy Ruel. It would eventually be worn by Lefty Grove! In 1937, we had a Bobo Newsom playing in Fenway Park, and from 1959-1962, his #12 would be worn by Pumpsie Green. 1935 saw Skinny Graham on the club. How about Hod Lisenbee? Yep, in 1932 he played for the Sox. In 1952, we found out what happens if you dump a gallon of Jack Daniels in to a stream. You wind up with a guy named Dizzy Trout. 1935 brought us Dib Williams, who wore #27. In 1940, Yank Terry (what a name to have if you are playing for the Red Sox…) also wore #27. Cot Deal played for Boston in 1948, Rip Repulski played in 1960-1961, and they both wore #28. In 1949, there was a Boston coach who was named Kiki Kuyler. The #31 has a few players with interesting names Wilcy Moore (1931), Shano Collins (1932), and Hoot Evers (1952-54) all come to mind. Windy McCall was a Red Sox from 1948-49. Rac Slider was a coach from 1987-90. #49 was worn by Win Rimmerswaal from 1979-81.
Did I miss some? I probably did. I am sure that there are plenty of you out there who tell me if I did. Thanks for reading, and feel free to contribute if I goofed.


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