MLB…Truck Day!

What an exciting time of year this is! No, it is not because I like snow, and while I do like chocolate, Valentine’s Day isn’t the reason either. And don’t get me started on than damn Groundhog… The reason for my personal excitement is because February 12th is what is affectionately referred to in Boston as ‘Truck Day’. This is the day that the 18-wheelers pull up to the service entrances of Fenway Park by Gate D on Van Ness St., and all the equipment needed for spring training is loaded up for the 1,465 mile trek from Boston to Ft. Myers Florida and JetBlue Park. This has become an annual rite of spring, and there are those that say that Truck Day is the unofficial start of the baseball season. It is kind of hard to argue. It is a big deal to Red Sox Nation (of which I am proudly a member of!). It is a sign of the new season that is just around the corner. It is a sign of hope anew. It re-kindles the flame of baseball romance in us. We look forward all winter to this, and as weird as a tradition as this might seem to be, it is a tradition that is unique to the Red Sox, and it is OURS!
This year as the trucks head south, they will be carrying enough gear to get the Red Sox through the 2015 spring training schedule of workouts and games. This will include over 20,000 baseballs, 1,100 assorted bats, over 200 batting helmets and batting gloves, and a massive supply of uniforms and such. And don’t forget the 20 or so cases of bubble gum and the 60-plus cases of sunflower seeds. But I like to think that the trucks are carrying something much more important than gloves, gum, and bats. They are carrying the hopes and dreams of every single Boston Red Sox fan for a championship in 2015. They are transporting the very first pieces of a season that will hopefully conclude with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred handing over to Red Sox owner John Henry, general manager Ben Cherington, manager John Farrell, and the rest of the Red Sox, the 2015 Commissioner’s Trophy! It has been a long, cold winter, and it was made even worse and even longer by the awful season that the Red Sox had in 2014. Adding to that misery was the losses of some of the key Red Sox during the 2014 campaign. We had a lot of time to seethe, to ponder, to hope, and to dream. And now it is here. It is time to pack it up for the 21-hour drive to the winter home of the Red Sox. This is what we have been waiting for…a new season. Truck Day is here!!!


One thought on “MLB…Truck Day!

  1. Readers…Due to a loose connection between the seat and the keyboard, I incorrectly listed March 12th as Truck Day. The correct date is February 12th. Sorry for any confusion…

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