MLB…Fool Me Twice…

If it seems like I am picking on Alex Rodriguez, it is only because quite frankly he deserves it. His ‘apology letter’, in my humble opinion, is nothing but a bunch of nonsense that one of his handlers helped him write. I am not buying it, and I am not sure that anybody else is either.
In a nutshell, Rodriguez has basically issued a 5-paragraph ‘mea culpa’ which basically is saying, ‘oops, my bad. Let’s play baseball.’ It just isn’t sitting well with me. In this letter, Rodriguez is still arrogantly deceptive, never stating or admitting, exactly or in part, what he did. Isn’t that part of an apology? Rodriguez has now twice (first with the Texas Rangers, and now with the New York Yankees) played MLB and all the fans and other people who are non-cheaters for suckers, and now he wants to make all-nice and get back to the business of playing baseball?
Here is a large part of my issue. How is it that Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Rafael Palmiero, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, and a host of other players tainted by the PED scandals are basically baseball pariahs, while Golden Boy Rodriguez is expecting to be welcomed back to Yankee Stadium with open arms? He says in his letter that he ‘accepts that many of you (baseball fans) will not accept his apology or anything he says at this point…’ and he is right. Is it a lousy thing that he did what he did? Of course it is…it is cheating! Anthony Bosch, the man who owned Biogenesis, has been sentenced to 4 years in a Federal prison while Rodriguez gets to collect his undeserved, multi-million dollar contract, yet he hopes he can buy forgiveness with a letter. Sorry Alex, but it will take a lot more than that…
When somebody says that they are accepting responsibility for a wrong that they committed, it is not enough to just say that they are accepting responsibility. They need to try to right the wrong that they have done. Just how does Alex Rodriguez plan on doing that? The short answer is that he can’t, and his ‘accepting responsibility’ is nothing but empty words at best. As I mentioned earlier, he has done this twice (Texas, and now New York) and you would think that he could change and perhaps be a better person, but I am not sure that he is capable of that kind of change.
There is an old expression that goes, ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’ Well, this is time number two, and if we just let this go and give him a pass, then it is truly ‘shame on us.’


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