The 2015 MLB All-Star Game…There must be a conspiracy!

I want to discuss the Major League Baseball All-Star Game (to hereby be referred to as the ASG for the sake of my typing fingers…). Actually, it is the ASG voting that I want to talk about. I was raised on the principle of ‘One person…one vote’. Sounds fair. Sounds like democracy in action. Then I was reminded of the somewhat amusing quip  of ‘Vote early and vote often…’ Sigh. Isn’t that somewhat counter-intuitive? It has occurred to me that the voting for the ASG is more closely reminiscent latter. An individual may submit up to 35 votes. Yes kids, 35 VOTES! Why? The whole voting process has become convoluted. I read a comment (actually several comments) lamenting the selection of 6 Kansas City Royals to the 2015 ASG. The comments were let’s say, idiotic. They reeked of the nonsense that only a conspiracy theorist can spew out. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

‘The people from Kansas City must have found a way to cheat…’

Those Kansas City Royal fans must have found a way to hack the computer system!’

‘Major League Baseball wants as many Royals in the game as possible because they went to the World Series Last year. They want to cash in on the popularity of the Royals…’

‘They will do anything to keep A-Rod out of the ASG…’

‘I heard that the fans in Kansas City and St. Louis teamed up to get as many Royals and Cardinals in as they could!…’

Have you ever heard of such ridiculous drivel? While I do not agree with this 35-votes-per-person format. I prefer the one vote per person paradigm. With that said I would also say this. If people are so cranked up about Royals fans allegedly stuffing the ballot box, then do something about it. Consider the  2013 population of the Kansas City metro area is roughly 475,000 people. The 2013 population of New York City and its 5 boroughs is roughly 8,406,000. How is it that the Kansas City fans could outvote the New York fans? Each and every person who cared to do so could vote 35 times. Do the math. As I said earlier, the argument is more sour grapes than factual. If you wanted your guys in the ASG, then get out and cast your 35 votes! If you didn’t, than stop whining. There is no conspiracy. There is only a fanbase that is so enamored of its team that they got up, got out, and got their Royals in the game. Here is a dollar…go buy some tissues while I call the waaaahhhhmbulance for your hurt feelings. Next year, get out and  exercise your right to vote…35 times!


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